Quick Cocinero’s Kitchen Tip of the Week

This week’s blog  comes to you from Crafty.com and Cutco.com. We’ve had so many people ask us: What is the point of this kitchen knife, or which knife do you use to cut this? Using the proper kitchen knives can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to cutting difficult materials. Therefore, we wrote this blog for all you wanna-be chefs out there! Whether you are cutting up carrots or raw chicken, we want to help you use your time efficiently.


Different Types of Kitchen Knives & How to Use Them

Now there are seemingly endless types of kitchen knives. Some are used often for daily tasks whereas others are used rarely and only in certain situations. Below, we’ve outlined the big four kitchen knives used most often:

Chef’s Knife

Slice, dice and chop with ease when using a Chef’s knife! They are generally 6-14 inches long and 1 ½ inches in width. This knife was originally intended to slice large cuts of meat, however, it is extremely versatile and assists in chopping a variety of items, such as vegetables. This multi-purpose knife is helpful many kitchens!

Serrated Utility Knife

This little guy is your everyday knife. The Serrated Utility Knife is generally 4-7 inches in length and it may look like a bread knife, but it’s shorter and sharper. It is often used to cut fruits and vegetables, as well as trimming fat from meat or cutting sandwiches. The Utility Knife is easy to use and one of the first knives that everyone grabs for when going into the cutlery drawer.

Paring Knife

The paring knife is generally 2.5-4 inches long, and has an edge that looks like a smaller version of a chef’s knife.This small knife is excellent for cutting small fruits and vegetables since it has a simple, sharp blade. People often use this knife for delicate cutting, such as deveining shrimp or creating delicate garnishes.

Boning Knife

The boning knife is generally 5-7 inches long, and is designed to get into small spaces to detatch meat from bone. These knives are generally used when deconstructing a chicken or butterflying a pork chop. A filet knife is preferred for delicate fish.


More Kitchen Knife Information

Want to learn more? For more information on the 13 most used kitchen knives, visit this Kitchen Knife Education article on Craftsy.com. If you are looking for a guide to see which knife to use in a specific situation, visit this Quick Kitchen Knife Guide on Cutco.com. Happy cooking!