Product Description

Quick Cocinero’s 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

  • QUICK COCINERO 2 STAGE KNIFE SHARPENER will help you REVIVE YOUR DULL KITCHEN KNIVES. The precise and professional 2 stage knife sharpener is the fastest and easiest way to bring a dull kitchen knife back to life.
  • WORKS WITH STAINLESS Steel and CERAMIC Knives! Ranging from Kitchen Knives, Chefs’ Knives, Butcher Knives, Paring Knives, Carving & Slicing Knives, Fruit & Vegetable Knives, Utility Knives, Cleavers and Hunting Knives.
  • ARE YOU TIRED of having to saw through chicken breasts multiple times? ARE YOUR WRISTS TIRED from having to press hard on your knives to cut through thick potatoes and summer squash? Say goodbye to sore wrists and strenuous chopping in TWO EASY STEPS with Quick Cocinero 2 Stage Knife Sharpener.
  • QUICK COCINERO V-GRIP Bottom has been designed to allow the sharpener to rest on the edge of a counter top or table. WHY IS THIS HELPFUL? Sometimes when you sharpen a large chef’s knife with a smaller sharpener, you might drag the tip of the knife across the counter top. This can damage the knife or worse the counter-top.