3 Healthy And Nutritious Breakfasts To Prepare In A Few Minutes

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3 Healthy And Nutritious Breakfasts To Prepare In A Few Minutes

Breakfast is the most important meal because after several hours of fasting while sleeping, the body needs energy and nutrients to be able to carry out all the tasks of the day and this is where the food that is eaten is vital. Protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats cannot be lacking in preparations that do not have to be too complicated or require too much time in the kitchen.

The idea is to have a delicious, nutritious proposal that is healthy and full of nutrients. Oatmeal, fruits, smoothies, or light breads are good options to have a much more active morning and to be able to control hunger between meals.

So that you have new proposals for breakfast, we leave you 3 recipes that you can prepare in less than five minutes and guarantee a high dose of nutrients.

1. Bowl of oatmeal with coconut and banana

Oatmeal is a key ingredient for a balanced diet, this bowl will not only give you a lot of energy but will also keep you satisfied for several hours. Its main properties are the large amounts of magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, and vitamin B1. Its way of cooking is very easy and it only takes three minutes.

First, you must cook the oats with a little boiled water, and once ready you can add a tablespoon of peanut butter and half a sliced ​​banana.

The specialists at Dyfferent, a Peruvian brand of healthy snacks, recommend adding some additional toppings such as: cocoa nibs, grated coconut, cinnamon, among others.


2. Smoothie Bowl

This option apart from being delicious is perfect for those days when an ice cream causes you.

1 cup of frozen berries
1 cup of plain yogurt
Salted caramel almond bites
Chocolate flavored coconut chips

Blend the red fruits with the natural yogurt, when well-mixed serve in a bowl.
Cut the salted caramel almond bites into small pieces and use it as a topping with the chocolate flavored coconut chips.


3. Apple coffee mug cake

If you are one of those who like cakes or muffins, this breakfast is perfect for you, as you don't need an oven.

In a cup add 65 grams of apple-cinnamon flavored oatmeal mixture, one egg, half a tablespoon of coffee, three tablespoons of milk, and a pinch of baking powder.
Integrate all the ingredients and take it to the microwave for two minutes.
When you see that it is cooked on the top, remove and turn on a plate, then decorate it with coffee-flavored coconut chips and a little ground cinnamon.
You can also put half an apple cut into squares as a topping.

We look forward to making you feel like a chef in your own kitchen!

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