Different Ways Of Cutting Vegetables

Different Ways Of Cutting Vegetables

We all like to innovate in the kitchen from time to time. Many times we find new recipes that we would like to try but doubts arise with the technical language of cooking. The types of cutting of vegetables, usually give us headaches because we do not know well the difference between one type of cut and another. That is why today we describe the different ways that there are to cut vegetables.

These are the most common cuts, and these are their differences.

Brunoise: It's about cutting the vegetables into small squares. Approximately 4 × 4 mm. Therefore, two cuts must be made, first horizontally and then vertically, of the same measure.

Chiffonade: Especially it is used for vegetables with leaves and it is that it is about making long strips. It is as easy as rolling the leaf of the vegetable and making 1mm wide cuts.

Julienne: It is the most frequent and is made on hard vegetables. First you have to get a solid piece 5cm wide. When you have it, cut it into 4mm pieces lengthwise. Repeat cuts widthwise every 4 mm. You will get strips of 4mmx4mmx5cm.

Planter: The cut is the same as the julienne cut but with different measures. Make the first cut forming your 10cm piece. Then make alternate 3mm and 4mm cuts. We can say that it is a larger and more irregular julienne.

Paisana: It's very simple. Prepare your vegetables with a garden cut and when you have your canes cut them to the width again every 2 mm. You will get irregular squares.


The most important thing to control the different cuts is practice, and of course the knives you use. The knives are the sword of the kitchen, but as any sharp tool, it needs to be that SHARP! that's why the QuickCocinero Knife Sharpeners are the go-to for this occasion.

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