Knife Sharpeners

3-Stage Red Knife Sharpener

Dedicated to scissor sharpening, this diamond coated grinding slot is wide which allows you to also polish blunt knives. The 3-Stage Sharpening System quickly sharpens dull/damaged kitchen knives/scissors with a few quick pulls. Do you have dull knives that need to be sharpened? Say goodbye to sore wrists and strenuous chopping in 3 easy steps…

3-Stage Black Knife Sharpener

The Quick Cocinero 3-Stage Professional Stainless Steel Knife Sharpening Stone is one of a kind sharpening stone that works amazingly on your rough dull knives and making them sharp! It has 3-Stage sharpening spaces which include ceramic, coarse and fine which means you can choose between fine or coarse sharpening of your knives allowing for…

We look forward to making you feel like a chef in your own kitchen!

You can rest easy knowing that Quick Cocinero’s products are always safe and functional without
sacrificing a professional look.

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